HDD space shortage can not only slow down the uTorrent application but overall Mac’s performance. Also, uTorrent can become sluggish due to the overflow of deleted file entries kept in the app’s registry. Each time uTorrent loads, it checks the list of downloads to check the file entries. This operation uses up app’s resources on broken records and outdated .plst files processing, causing its slow work.

We’ve spent the last decade using torrent clients for testing and research. Let’s take a look at how you can use uTorrent on your own without any issues. All of my torrents are saying 0 seeds, and no download speed.

Optimize your bandwidth

As of December 2011, μTorrentPlus 3.1 was available for $24.95; as of December 2014, the Plus version was available as a $19.95 yearly subscription. Currently, μTorrent generates revenue through in-content advertisements and the “pro” version, which is available in 3 bundles (available for both classic & web client for windows). As of 2020, μTorrent server for Linux suppports Debian 6.0 or later and Ubuntu 12 or later, with both 32-bit & 64-bit options available.

  • Maybe you are downloading torrents for the first time, or some settings are out of place.
  • “Leecher’ is a deliberately derogatory term in the torrent community to describe someone who downloads a file then does not seed it.
  • In fact, a leecher tends to download files that are not present in the system resources and starts sharing what already is present in its repository or database.
  • Once you have it installed, open the program and go to the File tab, and then select ‘Add torrent’.

“opentracker – An open and free bittorrent tracker”. In March 2012, Microsoft blocked Windows Live Messenger messages containing links to The Pirate Bay. When a user sends an instant message that contains a link to The Pirate Bay, Windows Live Messenger prompts a warning and claims “Blocked as it was reported unsafe”. Beginning in October 2018, the clearnet Pirate Bay website started to be inaccessible in some locations around the world, showing Error 522.

On the bandwidth area by default, the values forMaximum download rateis set to unlimited , if you see any other value change it to 0 value. Below there is aGlobal maximum number of connectionschange this value to 500.Leave other option as it is. By default, some other value is given forPort used for incoming connections,but change this value to45682.This is best port value to increase downloading speed. These Protocols help you connect with peers directly and at a much faster rate. You have to enable them on your utorrent client and on your router as well. Next, in the Bandwidth section of your uTorrent properties, make sure to set the Max Upload Rate option to 10 kB/s.

Individual Torrent Seeding Settings

There are a few things you can do to make downloading torrent files faster. First, check how many “seeders” there are for the torrent file. Seeders are people who keep sharing the torrent after they’ve downloaded it. The more seeders, the faster your torrent downloads will be. You can also try avoiding Wi-Fi in favor of a wired internet connection, downloading files one by one, bypassing your firewall, or upgrading to a higher-speed internet plan. Exploring further, click the gear button in the top-right corner to open up more settings uTorrent Web offers.

How to uninstall uTorrent on Windows 10?

Given here are some nifty setups that you could experiment with on your QBittorrent customer. Do keep in mind that the length might differ for private users depending upon the file being downloaded and your WiFi speed. But even then, much faster downloads from the QBittorrent are on the cards. Often, your computer’s firewall slows down torrent downloads by inspecting all torrent data. To disable this feature, you need to make sure “Enable PnP Port Mapping” is enabled. If you haven’t changed it, you’ll find it enabled.

Copy and paste the list of trackers you have in the pop-up and click on okay. This will add extra servers to your torrents and will result in a better download speed. Getting more peers for a torrent will definitely improve the health of a torrent file, especially if they are seeders.

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