These candles help find the right person with the right intention for you. It also helps in healing capacity that cures physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds. With pink candles, the sick will go through a speedy recovery process from any illness. These pink candles allow nurturing and restoration of the mind, heart, and soul. Furthermore, it allows positive self-love, friendship, harmony, and joy to abound. These brilliant colored candles break curses that separate you from your lover or influence your relationship in an unpleasant way.


Each possible color of the candle flame has a specific meaning. For example, a blue candle flame compared to a yellow burning flame can reveal whether you’ve contacted a benevolent spirit. Charging is when you infuse your conscious and intangible desires into tangible objects.

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The biggest takeaway here is that you must practice patience. Fire is one of the most mysterious elements in our plane of existence. It has the power to destroy, but the warmth it produces is crucial to life and comfort. Fire is also symbolic of many things in the spiritual realm. White soot is a far rarer occurrence, and is said to represent spiritual communication and assistance.

There is a whole collection of folklore about what the various shapes mean…or you can just use your intuition. Black soot can also indicate it isn’t the right time to perform your spell. This method involves studying a flame closely and determining its meaning based on the action, intensity, and direction of the flame.


The different colors of a candle flame hold unique meanings. The meaning of a flickering candle is, perhaps, one of the most perplexing. As mentioned earlier, flickering flames share an inherent connection with the spiritual realm. The meaning of a steady candle flame is strongly connected to being in a state of peace.

If there are no rings on the candle, it can mean that the spell will be more immediate if it’s determined the spell will be successful. Any wax in excess of 0.5” at the bottom of the candle may mean that the spell won’t be successful or may only partially yield results. Sometimes a cleansing candle or uncrossing candle may need to be done before attempting the spell again if there is too much resistance – depending on the type of spell. As the candle burns, you may notice affects from the working starting to take place which will affect the candle and how it burns. Similar to when doing a tarot reading and the card on the left in a Past, Present, Future reading is often the past card. The compelling color used with care and, as we know, in winter nights are the intro for a new day and new spring.

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There are many emotional ties that can interfere with a candle spell and create a partial burning. There may be a lack of trust in the spell, spellworker, desire, or future. A partial burning indicates very strong emotions that may need to be addressed outside of a magical breaking down of resistance. If you’re casting the spell for yourself, then you need to dig deeper into your emotions and your true desire for the outcome of the spell. If the candle wax cascades down the candle in a flow that overlaps like a step down or waterfall appearance, you can read the wax as an indicator of change.

Whenever a candle readings and meanings flickers a lot, it is an indication of conflicting energies around you. Whenever your candle is constantly going out, it is a sign that your spell has been completed. To the east, it means that the mental aspects of your spell will be successful.

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Another spiritual meaning is that some solid and sore emotions are also involved, leading to dispute. Candles and their inherent flames often seem tranquil and mysterious in nature. As the flame flicks from side to side, many find it difficult to guard themselves from the entrancement.

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They are cheap and can be placed around the house for a party effect. These small candles are best used for accent light and creating an ambiance setting. White smoke indicates the spiritual presence of benevolent spirits and blessings.

Keep working with this intention until the full moon, repeatedly lighting and working with the candle. Notice any blocks that come up, and on the full moon, write down what you want to release, burning the paper with the candle under the full moon. Here’s everything to know about candle magic and what different candle colors mean, according to experts.

I’ve been casting spells for more than a decade and have worked privately with clients from all over the world. Although it is unpredictable, a candle has unique properties that make it different from another of the same lot. You want to close your circle when you are finished with your scrying. You should open a protective circle the same as you would for any spellwork.

The moon’s color is also white with pure energy; the snow and milk are the source of life, meaning clarity, healing, and purity. As we know, white represents peace of life and protection by god and the goddess, and when you sleep, you feel some protection. Strong and tall flames augur well for candle spells and magic. It is strong enough to push any hurdle and tall enough to gain a height of intentions and goals. The steady flame means the candle gives a positive indication.

If you are trying to sphttps://g-markets.net/ up a couple and both flames stay lit, the couple will stay together. Look to the rest of the candle to interpret whether this person is good or bad. Visually, it is very exciting to see a candle respond to your petition, or to the chanting or other type of energy work you may be pushing towards your spell.

All you need is a candle, something to light it with, and an intention. Yes, as aforementioned, you can absolutely combine different colors of candles in your spells or rituals depending on what you’re looking for. There are many beliefs related to flickering candle flames.

  • If you want, you can read the left over remains like a tea leaf reading to get any symbolism or interpretation.
  • During a spell or ritual, the way your candle burns can tell you a lot.
  • For dressing a candle, you are free to choose and pick any way that works for you.
  • You can also light black candles when you need to reverse any hexes or curses, to repel black magic, or rid yourself of bad habits.
  • Sputtering candles act similarly to popping or crackling candles.

A small flame that flickers and bends is not a great sign in candle magick. Or you could be asking for an outcome that is unlikely or unfavorable in the long run. If the small flame falters or drowns in the melted wax, that is a sure sign that your petition will not be granted at this time. A low-burning flame indicates less energy is fueling the spell.

Each candle’s color is known to have a unique association with it, sharing familiar traits with their chakra and crystal counterparts. The powerful rays released when lighting a candle can have profound effects on anyone caught in its aura. We’ve detailed below the common traits of each candles color and the effects that come with them. The most important tip is to view the flame from a fresh perspective.

Whenever you see a candle flame moving a lot, it is an indication that a spirit is coming towards you. How your ritual or vigil candle burns will give you insight into how successful your spell has been. Use this candle-burning interpretation guide to understand all the different signs that your candle is giving you.

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The direction of the flow will tell you if your spell was successful or if you need to recast your spell. If the candle’s wick “sheds” as it burns, it will leave small black crumbs in the wax. If you continue the ritual, be ready to do some cleaning up when you are done. This generally means a green light, for your intent is clear and your prayer or spell has been successfully sent. They are ceremonial, ritualistic, symbolic, and utilitarian all at the same time.

A puff of white smoke generated at any moment shows that the purpose will be fulfilled. White soot is a representation of spiritual communication, too, and that is very rare. In an uneven fast-burning candle flame, one side of the candle melts down faster than the other side.

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